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 Mythology GRIFFIN

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PostSubyek: Mythology GRIFFIN   Thu May 12, 2011 2:06 pm

Should lion, as the "King of beasts", and an eagle, as the "King in the air", make Griffin or Gryphon as the most powerful animals on both. With so many titles, it was natural that he finally has a title as "king of beasts and the power of the air".

Griffin has dozens of years as a part dariliteratur and mythology. And since then, the symbolic meaning they have a lot of promising changes.

Griffin is a creature with a lion body and head and wings of an eagle. Griffin comes from the plains Hiperborea. Mentioned, that as the largest bird and symbol of great strength, making this creature is very sacred to the god Apollo. In addition, Griffin is also an animal keeper sun.

Narrated, Apollo riding Griffin and keep gold Hyperborea (mystical land where the sun shines and eternal happiness beyond the north wind). Griffin flock in the mountains Rhipaia keep the gold deposits of the Arimaspos, one-eyed people who want to steal the gold. The Arimaspos riding horses and trying to take the gold but their attempts are always foiled by Griffin, who always managed to strike back the Arimaspos.

Griffin is a magical creature, half lion and half eagle. Originally they were from India, where they guard treasures of gold are abundant.

Griffin also said to be the incarnation of Nemesis, which is the god of retribution that drives the wheels of fortune.

In legend, the gallant creature in this space, is the symbol superbia (arrogant pride), because Alexander the Great had tried to ride the back of Griffin and heading back up the sky.

In the third century AD, a historian named Aelianus wrote, "Griffin is a four-legged animals such as lions, have very strong claws and claws like a lion. It has a black feathered wing and along the back and the front of the red, while the two white wings .

In the last thousand years, Griffin is very popular as a symbol of the family. A representation of expert knowledge say, "Griffin is very popular, because many have a good nature and apparently has no vices. Nature good, among others, vigilance, courage, and strength."

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Mythology GRIFFIN

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